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editorial shot of a woman wearing minimal make-up

People often warn that by wearing make-up too frequently you can damage your skin. When Khandiz Joni, the co-founder of conscious creative agency Novel Beings, was reimagining what a ‘legacy’ of make-up would mean her response was; lets look at this differently and return to how things should be, what if your skin gets better by using make-up instead of worsening? This whole concept seemed utopian on the one hand but was also exhibiting traits of antifragility. (In case if you wonder what ‘Antifragile’ means look up that book written by Professor Nassim Nicholas Taleb). Khandiz explained that by using natural, clean make-up it would improve your skin and actually make it healthier, smoother not just hide or highlight parts of your face.

Khandiz is an artist who uses make-up as one of her mediums. She has worked in the industry for over a decade and has been able to really get all the details on how to maintain your skin and use products to have them work for you, not just on you. When she moved to London it was a struggle for her to find an agency that would represent her properly as a sustainable and ethical make-up artist so when she met Alice Wilby who had the same issue as a stylist who works with sustainable fashion, then and there Khandiz proposed to start an agency. Years later they have fully working creative agency that has challenged the status quo by providing sustainable production. So we were ever more excited to see her in action.

editorial closeup of a woman
editorial shot of model wearing MAKE-UP BY KHANDIZ JONI

In fashion industry models are the most affected by the daily application of heavy make-up so they often have some of the best skin-care routines to learn from and the worst stories to tell. Khandiz clarifies that you have to be innovative about the way you work, not everything is at your fingertips, yet she also adds that this has made her more creative as an artist.

Lot of it is in experimentation which ends up being filled with happy accidents.

Khandiz would mix her own paints by using mineral sunscreen as a base and tells that she even has her own ‘biodegradable glitter guy’. She elaborates by stating that with clean beauty it is very similar like with sustainable fashion – you know where the ingredients are from, where the product is made and you can even talk directly to the maker. In addition, many clean beauty products have multiple uses which would definitely make a bit more space in our usually overpacked make-up bags.

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portrait of woman getting her make-up done

We, of course, were curious to find out some of her favourite beauty brands:

Twelve Beauty 
Couleur Caramel 
Kjaer Weis 
Aurelia Skincare

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close up editorial portrait of woman

By the end of our shoot there was only one more question left to ask and this time to Birdy, our model, who was quickly to reaffirm that her skin indeed was feeling healthier. So here you go, Khandiz smiled.

Khandiz has plenty of thought provoking ideas to share, therefore, we filmed an interview with her. Look out for that soon.

skin dripping with water
portrait of woman looking in the sun

MAKE-UP: Khandiz Joni at Novel Beings | MODEL: Birdy at Storm | PHOTOGRAPHY: Madara Freimane | ARTICLE: What’s Your Legacy

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