With Starch Slides they are trying to solve an issue by making sustainable, fashionable, comfortable slides. The slides are made by taking used, unwanted button up shirts, eliminating textile waste in fashionable way. For every used shirt, they make 1 small, 2 meduims and 1 large. When you find the pair that you love, think fast because when they are gone, they are gone for good. You can rest, assured your slides will be uniquely yours, no one will have the same. They have been working closely with a manufacturer and together they created a shoe that they are very proud of. The shirt is taken and lined up with vegan leather to protect the fabric and keep your foot secure and supported. The sole is made out of eco-friendly materials that make the slide comfortable as well as durable. The shoes will come in raw, just backpack, eliminating the waste of a shoebox. They are perfect for the active girl who wants individual shoes that have a story to them. Pair them with a skinny jeans and a tee shirt while at lunch with your friends or with a little black dress for a day at the office. It’s a shoe for every girl.

Shannon Crowley has over 7 years in retail buying and management. Her expertise has always been connecting with customers. This was her goal with Starch Slides. A brand that is sustainable and eco-friendly while still being very fashionable and cool. Living in Brooklyn she noticed textile waste at an enourmous amount. Every trashcan she would pass would have a perfectly good textile thrown in them. Everything from ripped jeans to a pile of stained or ripped shirts that thrift stores can not accept. Seing this made her think, there must be something that can be done. This is how Starch Slides was born.





Their slides are made in China by a small factory that is run by women. They work closely with the factory to ensure safe working standards and the highest quality.


They are made from a used, men’s button up shirt that are sourced in USA.


The fabric is lined with an eco-friendly, vegan leather. The sole is made out of eco-friendly vegan materials


The shoes will come in a raw, jute backpack, eliminating the waste of a shoebox.