Sisterhood makes effortless clothing full of sass for the strong, spiritual and independent females of the world. Creating for a woman who loves to rule her own world whilst caring about the eco impact she has on this one. They take inspiration from feeling empowered, individuality and female magic. With lots of love for the environment and mother earth, they want to help turn as much bad energy into good energy; so all of their fabrics are specially sourced from an eco-friendly fabric market! They up-cycle and recycle all unused and unwanted fabric rolls from mills and factories to make sure nothing goes to waste. They also promise to only use fully recycled and recyclable paper and packaging for all of our orders so you can give your eco conscience a break.




They work closely with a small factory who they have a very loyal relationship with. Their factory works to ensure that there is no wastage with the fabrics and no nasty chemicals used during the production process. Fair wages are paid to all of their workers and they make regular visits to make sure that their working conditions are safe.


They only use fully recycled and recyclable paper and packaging.