The Rumeur journey started nearly two decades ago when the Southern Finland based school girl spent most of her free time by her dad’s sewing machine. seeking inspiration from women’s journals and travel magazines, she often dreamt herself away to distant cultures she one day hoped to explore. What back then seemed like daydreaming, were the first steps of a lifestyle off the beaten track.Today she, still that same little adventurer at heart, has grown into a seaside loving creative influenced by several journeys in characteristic destinations both in the tropics and the nordics. To nurture her desire for knowledge, she gained a degree in business studies, yet shifted soon back to simple life with one thought in mind: what else is out there? The Rumeur label was born in 2017 of these experiences: resort wear made for curious women, for simple moments when the mind flows free, both at home and away. The name Rumeur embodies the endless, unheard-of opportunities in life: french for “rumour”, the word represents something intriguing that may or may not be or become true. All their pieces are designed in the nordics and ethically made by local seamstresses in the magical island of Bali. Conscious living running deep in their dna, all pieces are made of italian high quality yarn, regenerated out of plastic bottles and fishing nets collected from the ocean. Rather than seeing sustainability as their point of difference, they are on a journey to achieve sustainability as the new normal of textile industry.





Their swimwear is made from ECONYL an Italian high quality yarn, regenerated out of plastic bottles and fishing nets collected from the ocean.


They use linen.


Their garments are made in family-owned manufacturer located in Denpasar, Bali. Everyone in the team is paid above average wages with paid sick leave, family health insurance, bonuses and annual leave. The staff is working on weekdays from 9-17, the facilities are toddler-proof and they also keep plastic waste in minimum.