Monogram founders Lisa Mayock and Jeff Halmos bonded over a shared love of all things graphic. More recently, they put their trove of collected image and objects to use by creating MONOGRAM – their first collaboration outside of starting a family. Lisa Mayock grew up in South Pasadena started stealing her dad’s t-shirts in the 80’s, cut her teeth at Parsons School of Design, co-founded Vena Cava, and loves eccentric old lady style and Polish poster art. Jeff Halmos was born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, graduated from the university of Colorado at Boulder, co-founded Trovata, co-founded Shipley & Hamos, would love to own a Hockney, and was a pug in his past life. Not so long ago they were able to spend nearly every weekend sourcing vintage stores and flea markets. They would hut for old books, pins, recorde, jewelry, posters and of course t-shirts and sweatshirts. These days it’s not quite as easy to source a perfect vintage t-shirt or sweatshirt, with stylzed art and an impeccably soft fabric. A great vintage t-shirt is something that everyone appreciates, which is why they’ve become so expensive. Unable to find what they were looking for, they decided to start making their own. They modeled fits after their favorites from their vintage collection, designed grap with an emphasison art and typography, and developed fabrics that feel perfectly soft and loved without being trashed. They created MONOGRAM to capture the spirit of wearing your most loved t-shirt or sweatshirt, and celmebrate women who wear graphics in intersting and unusual ways. Lead with your personality – wear a t-shirt!





The knitting, cutting, sewing, dying is done around and in LA. They make their own fabrics and work with family owned manufacturers.



They use locally produced cotton that they develop themselves to achieve the perfect feel.