Christy grew up in Placerville, California, where little has changed in the past hundred years. The town is timeless. Though, it wasn’t until she moved to Los Angeles that she noticed just how timeless it is, and the impact her hometown inevitably had on her. It’s what drew her to design vintage inspired clothing. There is something beyond the fabric she can hold on to. Something honest about vintage. Something classic. Something timeless, that reminds her of home. It’s the dress you long for when you stumble upon that box of old photographs of your grandmother. The lines and fabric tell a story. They’re the clothes and stories she hope to pass on through CHRISTY DAWN.

Every CHRISTY DAWN piece is made by local artisans in Downtown Los Angeles, sewn with longevity in mind. They use deadstock fabric as to minimize their environmental footprint, and instead of creating thousands of garments at a time, they sew a limited number of pieces, numbering every dress they make. It is no coincidence that CHRISTY DAWN’s way of doing business closely resembles that of a dressmaker living in Placerville, CA a hundred years ago. It’s her intention to create vintage inspired pieces that speak of quality and craftsmanship. She hopes you enjoying wearing the dresses as much as she has enjoyed creating them.





They only use deadstock: the residual fabrics left over from major fashion houses. Instead of ending up in landfill, these fabrics are repurposed for their collection.


Their garments are made in Los Angles and they pay premium premium to their seamstresses, all of whom are paid a competitive wage and receive health benefits. They treat every member of their team like family.