Blluemade was founded in 2016 by husband-and-wife team Alex Robins and Lilly Lampe. They were driven by a desire to create garments for men and women made of the highest quality textiles and at high ethical standards, and are proud to work with heritage linen mills and family-run businesses and factories in New York City’s Historic Garment District. They design the clothing they want to see and wear. Their designs are inspired by vintage apparel across many cultures and areas, particularly farmer clothing and workwear. They also have a small but growing collection of historic textiles which they study to understand how natural fabrics and treatments develop with age. This approach is for the purpose of creating modern, useful, and elegant clothing with an eye to history. These are clothes to be worn in every city in the world. The Blluemade name references our many influences. “Blue” comes from our love of indigo, denim, and blue-dyed textiles from around the world . “Made” speaks to our commitment to ethical production. The extra “l” in blluemade is for linen, which is central to Blluemade’s origins and so much of what we do.





Made in a family-run factory in New York City’s Historic Garment District.


Their garments are made from Masters of Linen certified linen sourced, dyed and finished in Northern France and Western Belgium. They also work with silk-linen from Belgium and wool-linen blends from Japan.