It all began in Bali, on a sweltering summer day in 2017. Connor was Riding on the back of a motorbike (More of a scooter, really), traversing the island in search of incredible places to shoot photos. At one stop, As he went to adjust the old bandana he was wearing (and sweating through) for the third day in a row… Bandits was born. He loved the way that bandana made him feel. He loved the confidence, the freedom, and the outlaw attitude my bandana personified. He loved that bandana, but as he reached up to re-tie it around his face for the ride, the fraying fabric (and the smell) told him it was time for a new one. What he didn’t love was when he started looking around for bandanas to buy and realized how BORING they all were! Low quality cotton, played-out patterns, and way too much paisley. Let’s face it – there’s a certain “swag” that comes with rocking a bandana. From the start, Connor knew that BANDITS needed to embody that sense of originality, individuality, and self-determination that made him fall in love with bandanas in the first place. In creating BANDITS, he wanted to build a Bandana that could be a platform to promote and discover artists; a bandana that could be a catalyst for positive change around the world; A comfortable, sustainable, ethical bandana perfect for any adventure; a bandana for creators, originals, explorers, outlaws, and anyone who aspires to be. And so BANDITS began, on MISSION to build A BETTER Bandana





Their bandanas feature original designs created by artists from around the world. They work directly with each artist to commission exclusive designs. Every Bandits bandana is cut, sewn, and packaged at their Fair Trade certified facility in Kolkata, India. They have personally visited and inspected the facility to ensure ethical working conditions.


Their bandanas are made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton sourced from Chetna Organic – an organization that supports and improves the livelihood of small farmers in India.


Their bandanas are printed using water based fiber-reactive, color-fast pigments or dyes. They do not contain any latex, plastic, or harmful chemicals so they’re safer for your skin and for the environment.


They donate 10% of sales proceeds from each of their bandana designs to support a different charity chosen by the design’s artist.