Made with love, meant to be loved. They re-define luxury with an informal approach to elegance. Deeply rooted in our DNA is a love for exquisite natural materials, high quality, comfort and craftsmanship. Denmark is their base, where they work creatively and design all their products. It’s where they grew up with a love of nature and a profound appreciation of honesty and simplicity as the true essence of beauty. Their goal is to merge ancient skills with a Scandinavian simplicity, and create alluring, uncomplicated designs you will cherish forever – beyond any fleeting fashion trend. Knowing that the designs were made with respect for the women and men who crafted them, bringing a renewed sense of pride to these artisans, their communities, and to you and them. They believe that a product’s origins, sustainable production and environmental impact are of equal importance as its aesthetic. It’s the combination of these elements, together with an enduring design, that makes a product truly luxurious. They want to demonstrate that a 100% responsible business practice is the only way to do business. The origins of our products are key to our concept. It’s where they draw on the expertise of local people, whose artisan skills are passed on from generation to generation. At Aiayu, it’s their deep desire to keep these ancient traditions alive. That’s why they make a point of communicating the origins of our products, insights about the local people, their culture and traditions. They see ourselves as merely refining what nature has already designed so beautifully.





Their llama wool knitwear is made and sourced from Bolivia, their La Paz factory has a WRAP certification and is built according to European standards. Their organic cotton range is produced in Agra, India by a sustainable producer. They produce their yak and cashmere products in Nepal and their cashmere comes from Mongolia. They are a member of the Global Compact.


They make their cotton garments in India made of 100% organic cotton and certified according to SA8000 and GOTS.


They use llama, yak and cashmere wool.


They minimise their use of dyes or any other chemicals by sorting the llama wool by natural colours and dying dark yarns for dark fibers and light yarns for light fibers.


They offer free repairs for 5 years after the purchase date.


The tote bag that comes with their products is made from leftover fabric stock from other textile companies. They use bio-degradable bags for all their packaging and try to minimize all excessive wrapping.


Their knitwear factory in La Paz, Bolivia has a water recycling plant, cleaning 100% of the water from the factory and reusing 75% of all water.


For their cotton products they have a zero waste programme in India where they use leftover fabric and cuttings from their own production and use them to create small items like tote bags and hang tags, as well as larger items such as our Raw Quilts and Raw Rugs.


They donate the profits from their zero waste products to a local school for challenged children called TEARS, an acronym for Train, Educate And Rehabilitate Socially.

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