woman wearing minimal makeup
woman wearing red blush and lipstick

We love to bring you stories about cool sustainable brands but we know that conscious living goes beyond just clothes. Since a lot of you have been curious about how you can improve your skincare/make-up routine we thought why not ask for advice to Melanie Christou – a natural make-up artist who we absolutely adore and work with on our shoots. So here it goes:

Today I’m going to share with you some tips and tricks I learned throughout the years by constantly doing make up on women of all ages, ethnicities and skin types. I will mainly talk about foundations, concealers, blushes and some tips on how to prep your skin with skincare before you apply your make up. Of course, I’ll be showcasing all natural and mostly organic cosmetics.

woman wearing red shirt
Woman wearing minimal natural makeup

Now if you are someone who hates the idea of having to mix a few products to get your desired bespoke concoction then the natural and organic industry will spoil you from choice when it comes to liquid foundations. At this photoshoot with the What’s Your Legacy team I used 2 other foundations that I love and trust that will always deliver the best results. Ere Perez oat milk foundation and Juice Beauty CC Cream. Their main difference on the skin is coverage. Ere Perez has more coverage, and Juice Beauty as the name suggests is just a tinted moisturiser with SPF. They both have dewy finishes, and they both come in a range of amazing yellow toned colours that range from light to dark. Having said that, they don’t have 50 shades each, and why would they. I prefer brands that have a few GOOD realistic colours so you can mix a couple of shades to get your perfect shade from winter to summer. But hey, maybe you are lucky and there is a shade for you already so you don’t have to mix. Check them out.

Woman wearing minimal natural makeup
Close up of woman's lips with lip scrub

Moving on from foundations, concealers should be the second most important product in your make up routine.

Let me quickly address a huge misconception. Foundation’s role is to even out our skin tone, make the skin look blurred from any imperfections. However it is not its job to cover every single mark, discolouration, pigmentation, spot or freckle (please don’t cover your freckles!).

That’s the concealer’s job to do that. Concealers are typically more pigmented and the reason for that is because they are designed to be used here and there to boost the coverage in specific areas of the face. Those areas are different for each individual, but in my career I found that most often people need some concealer underneath the eyes, around the nose, chin and then on any spots or pigmentations. This way you’ll let your healthy skin show through your tinted moisturiser, yet cover with your concealer where you need extra coverage. It’s genius! The concealer I used at this photoshoot, and the one I always have in my kit is the Ere Perez Arnica concealer. I love it because it’s densely pigmented, meaning that you don’t have to use a lot of product for it to cover; you only need the tiniest amount. The less quantity of product you have on your skin, the more natural it looks. Always remember, a sheer layer of pigmented product is better than a thick layer of sheer product. At the end, they will both cover what you need to cover, but which one will look more natural on the skin?

editorial photo of woman wearing green nail polish
woman wearing red blush and lipstick

Blushers. Blush is what brings the complexion back life to. If you look closely, our skin is has lots of colours, and when you take out all of the redness, pigmentation, marks and discolourations with your foundation and concealer, then what’s left is a blank canvas that is almost lifeless. We want to bring back those colours that got lost underneath the coverage, but this time, bring them back more strategically. For instance, If you have redness on your cheek that travels all the way down to the jaw, then that’s the time to use your concealer to take down some of the redness on the lower part of the cheek, and leave some of the redness on the apples of the cheeks to show through. If it’s too red, maybe experiment by going over it with a peachier blush to counteract the redness. Blush is fun, is playful, and sometimes people forget that it has the capacity to be the focus of a make up look. It’s not always all about the eyes and lips! Blush also has this wonderful added benefit of giving shape to your face and lifting your cheeks if used correctly. Blush should be used quite high on the cheek, don’t drug it down because it will drug down your cheeks too. On the model I used Juice Beauty cream blush in 04 Flush for the monochromatic subtle looks, and Juice Beauty 08 Blush Orange Blossom mixed with RMS lip2cheek in Smile for the orange-y side and Juice Beauty Phyto-pigments Flash Luminizer in Blush Rose for the pinkish side.

woman with facial mask
Close up of a women with green gel on her cheek

Lastly, prepping your skin with the right skincare is just as important as the make up its self. Make sure you exfoliate the night before so the make up will go on smoothly. On the day of the shoot I used Bjork & Berries Refining Exfoliating Toner all over, the Tilk! Facial scrub on areas like around the nose and forehead where we tend to have rougher skin and the Lush Honey Lip Scrub on the lips. Then we did a couple of masks from Lush and Korres to hydrate and purify. For moisturizers I used different ones for each look. I used Weleda’s skin food and Bjork & Berry birch oil when I wanted a dewy glossy look and the Tilk! Regenerate me moisturiser for the matte looks. The tip I want to give here is to consider the products that go on before the make up so you can get the best results out of your foundations, concealers and blushers. If your skin is dry, then the foundation will look dry patchy and flaky. If your skin is super oily and you use a rich oily cream then the foundation will brake up and separate within a couple of ours.

close up of a face wearing a pink clay facial mask
Smiling girl wearing minimal make-up

I would love to give advice on anyone who has a burning question so please get in touch so we can have a nice chat over natural skincare and make up.

Melanie x


ETHICS | High quality clothing ethically made in Europe

Look 1,5,7,12: Skin prep: Regenerate Me facial cream for combination skin: Tilk!; Rose lip balm and honey lip scrub: Lush; Botanist hand cream: Bjork & Berries / Make-up: Foundation: Kjaer Weis; S903 Stratus soft focus foundation: Vapour; Translucent powder: Ilia; Concealer: Ere Perez; 04 Flush Blush: Juice Beauty; Kale nail polish: Kure Bazaar 

Look 2,8: Skin prep: Facial scrub: Tilk!; BirchRecovery Face Oil: Bjork & Berries; Hylouroll lip treatment: Twelve / Make-up: Oat milk foundation: Ere Perez; Concealer: Ere Perez; 08 Orange Blossom blush: Juice Beauty; Lip2cheek smile blush: RMS; Photo-Pigments Flash Luminizer in Blush Rose: Juice Beauty; Lip2cheek Beloved blush: RMS; Lipgloss in gipsy: Ilia; Translucent powder: Ilia

Look 3,4: Skin prep: Refining exfoliating toner: Bjork & Berries; Skin food: Weleda; Rose balm: Lush / Make-up: CC Cream: Juice Beauty; Concealer: Ere Perez; Vanilla highlighter falling star: Ere Perez; Glow Lustrous for cheeks and eyes: Kjaer Weis; Brainteaser lipstick: RMS; Bohemian nail polish: Kure Bazaar 

Look 9,11: Face mask rosy cheeks: Lush; Rose lip balm: Lush; Calendula Weather Protection cream: Weleda

Look 10: Beauty cubes cooling cucumber face mask: Korres

Look 6: Honey lip scrub: Lush

PHOTOGRAPHY: Madara Freimane | MODEL: Natalie at PRM |  MAKE-UP & ARTICLE: Melanie Christou | ASSISTANT: Estelle Douchet | PRODUCTION MANAGER: Ance Rusova

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