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We like to do our research before we buy something or suggest anything to you. Recently we came across London based womenswear brand Veryan. While we are melting away in this hot summer weather it is nice to find something that is both elegant and also light enough for the heat. The brand works with durable and ethically sourced fabrics and before sending a garment into the production they test it by simply wearing it. Yes, easy as that. Imagine if only all of the brands would be doing that.

This made us think about our wardrobe and shopping habits in general. How careful are we when creating it?

We would like you to take a moment to consider your wardrobe and your style as something special. Ask yourself, what do I want to say through the clothes I choose to wear? How do they add to my life? Treat your wardrobe as a long term investment not a one-off occasion thing. You want to be recognised by something that is yours not something that has been put in your mind for a one season. So we put together 5 points that helps us make more conscious decisions:

1. Say a strong ‘NO’ to impulse purchases. If you see something that you ‘really, really want’ let it set there for a few days first. If you are still thinking about it later then consider it again.

2. Always ask yourself the question, do I really need it? Meaning, what will I wear it with? Do I already have something like that in my closet? Will I wear it at least 30 times? Often we imagine that something is indispensable, like buying an extra swimsuit for holidays but if you try living without it you might realise you didn’t need it in the first place. At the end of the day, you can always make that purchase at a moment when it becomes truly necessary.

3. Research the brand. Make sure that their production process is sustainable and ethical. You can always email the customer support if you can’t find all the answers on their website. Be patient, the process might take a while but you will be rewarded by having a high quality garment.

4. 99% of the time avoid sales. It is just an unnecessary temptation. Ask yourself would you buy it for the full price? If you would then consider it again.

5. Lastly, if you wish to buy something new think what else you could do for that amount of money. For example, could you go for a weekend trip? What would be more valuable a new item in your wardrobe or a new experience? That is not to say that you should never buy anything but there are many important aspects to consider before getting that new item. And in different cases the answer falls in different category.

VERYAN | womenswear

ETHICS | designed and made in London, UK

ENVIRONMENT | made from durable, high quality ethically sourced fabrics, only using GOTS certified cotton that is sourced from the EU. Components are sourced largely from the UK and—as much as possible—from local shops & businesses. Uses non-toxic dyes.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Madara Freimane | MODEL: Kyoko | ARTICLE: What’s Your Legacy

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