“An online platform exploring sustainability and innovation in fashion industry.”

What’s Your Legacy is a curated online platform bringing sustainable fashion to you. We go with fashion first (OMG, yes!) but BY THE WAY everything is also sustainable. You know, the way it should be! Our goal is to make discovering sustainable brands an easy and enjoyable experience. Therefore, we curate a Sustainable Brand Guide for both fashion & beauty and interview designers, tell stories about innovations, create editorials as well as arguably the coolest videos! *sips champagne and opens up youtube* All in the name of our favourite planet earth and everyone on it! Because… baby, it’s about the LEGACY!


What’s Your Legacy was co-founded by Madara and Anna. We are two friends who know each other since forever but technically since we were twelve (if you are into details). Madara is the creative who likes everything extra and anyone who is funny. Have you noticed the colours and jokes? Anna is someone who always finds a way to get things done. Need a gorgeous place for a shoot? Check! Just don’t ask questions.

But, hey, we also have the coolest team. How did we get so lucky? We don’t know!

Melanie is our ‘too-talented-to-be-true’ make-up artist doing things Au Naturel, of course. Call it clean beauty if you wish!

Estelle is the fabrics person who occasionally hi-fives herself and loves her espresso & dessert. Can you tell she is French! Ah qui! Oh, and she adores everything that is colourful!

Emma is the marketing girl who cooks better than the next person. She also suggested that our team could achieve the world record of emails sent per minute and that’s the spirit we love.