January 2017

Khandiz Joni
January 10, 2017

MAKE-UP: Khandiz Joni at Novel Beings | INTERVIEW: Christine Løth | MODEL: Birdy at Storm | VIDEO: Madara Freimane

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portrait of woman standing in a shadow
January 7, 2017

People often warn that by wearing make-up too frequently you can damage your skin. When Khandiz Joni, the co-founder of conscious creative agency Novel Beings, was reimagining what a ‘legacy’ of make-up would...

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Ruby Abbiss sitting in her apartment
January 2, 2017

Meet Ruby Abbiss who is a contributing journalist at What’s Your Legacy. We start this year with the first episode of our series MY SUSTAINABLE WARDROBE where we talk to individuals who make conscious fashion...

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