September 2016

women choosing tomatoes at a market stool
September 27, 2016

When Nina Altenburger aka The Minimalist Ninja introduced us to the concept of zero waste living it seemed strangely familiar. And of course it did because what we understand as zero waste...

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a picture of Ella Grace Denton and Jemma Finch - Stories Behind Things
September 21, 2016

On what could have been proclaimed as the last day of summer we met up with Ella Grace Denton and Jemma Finch, the two girls behind Stories Behind Things. Although they started the project...

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two girls standing on a rooftop in the sun
September 19, 2016

We met up with Jemma and Ella, the two girls running Stories Behind Things. They have a great passion for finding unique gems in vintage stores and charity shops. As Ella explained: “I always...

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